"You have to be the change you want to see in the world" – Mahatma Ghandi.


Learn what I think

I am an open-minded person who originally grew up in Upper Austria. I wish to see the whole world and learn from other people, cultures and religions.

I grew up speaking both English and German and still live my life using both every day. In general languages are very important to me. My journeys and experiences in international workplaces have increased my fascination with languages and taught me their importance. That is why I want to learn as many as possible to understand everyone crossing my path. Traveling means a lot to me, it shaped my life and my attitude permanently. Learning how people from different cultures live their lives has made me a very open-minded person. I have an entrepreneurial mindset and I am very interested in doing business projects in various fields and sectors.


Why it’s the best choice to learn with me

English for children

In groups

• Small Groups • Playful and at the same time effectively • Holistic education • mother tongue principle • Systematically structured material on age and life world of children • Start possible at any time • more information via


Courses at the moment in the 2nd and 17th district.
Please send me your request per email and let’s talk about great options to improve your kid’s English

Private lessons

Available on request

English & German for grown-ups

I teach German at all levels. Private lessons available by request. Please send me an email and let's figure out great options to improve your English or German.

Work experiences

Lessons learned

Industries and sectors I used to work in:

• Education sector
• Oil & Gas industry
• Asset Management
• IT – Software testing
• Fashion Industry
• Print and online media

Tasks and projects

• Project Management team member and leader of projects up to EUR 100,000
• PR- responsibility & marketing interface (phrasing, creating brochures and flyers, editing sales material, writing advertisements, negotiation of terms and organization of appearances in the media and at trade shows)
• Event management (internal and external events, including the noble milieu with up to 400 guests)
• Financial assessment of real estate
• Recruiting
• Leading departments with up to three members
• Fashion design and sectional drawing
• Freelance journalism


See what I feel

Impressions of journeys

London * Berlin * Boston *
Grand Canyon * Harvard *
Istanbul * New York *
Oman * Rome * San Diego *
San Francicso * Tijuana *
Santa Monica * Venice *
Tunesia * Vienna *


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